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  Christian SRE


What is Christian SRE?

Christian SRE (Special Religious Education) is an initiative of the Inter-Church Commission on Religious Education in Schools (I.C.C.O.R.E.I.S).  Recognising that the acronym ICCOREIS conveys very little, its members looked for a way of communicating the essence of what we do.  Christian SRE says both what we believe and what we do.

The NSW Department of Education calls churches and denominations that are approved to teach SRE “providers”. ICCOREIS is a peak body representing the following providers:

  • Dioceses of the Anglican Church of Australia from the province of NSW
  • Australian Christian Churches
  • Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT
  • Christian Brethren Assemblies
  • Churches of Christ in NSW Conference
  • Fellowship of Congregational Churches
  • Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia
  • Lutheran Church of Australia (NSW District)
  • Presbyterian Church of Australia in NSW
  • Dioceses of the Roman Catholic Church in NSW
  • The Salvation Army (Eastern Australia Territory)
  • Serbian Orthodox Church in Australia & New Zealand (NSW & ACT deaneries)
  • Uniting Church in Australia (Synod of NSW & ACT)
  • North NSW, South NSW & Greater Sydney Conferences, Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Authorisation of SRE Teachers

All SRE volunteer teachers must complete an 'SRE Teacher's Engagement Form' each year before commencing teaching, and wear their approved name tag at all times whilst on the school site. A letter will be sent to the school which clearly identifies the approved provider and includes the name of authorised teacher(s), date of birth and contact details. The letter is updated annually before the start of Term 1 or as required.

Curriculum Scope and Sequence

For Scope and Sequence from an authorised curriculum used by SRE teachers of the Lutheran Church of Australia, NSW District, follow these links:


Initial and ongoing training for Lutheran Church of Australia, New South Wales District SRE teachers that includes training in classroom management and child protection issues is provided by other Christian Churches as named above.

Regular Reviews

As an approved provider, the Lutheran Church of Australia NSW District will conduct regular reviews of SRE teaching and use of approved curriculum. This includes teacher reflection/classroom observation to provide feedback for further training as required. The Lutheran Church of Australia NSW District will report the results of the review through the annual assurance process including efforts to address any identified issues.



For further information, please contact:

Lutheran Church of Australia, New South Wales District Office
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