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Information Sheet about the Weekend - (pdf)

Session 2 - Pastor Edgar Mayer - The Cross and Experiencing God - (pdf)

Elective - A Passion for small groups - (pdf)

Elective - A passion for small groups - Iona Method - (pdf)

Elective - A passion for small groups - Keys for Effective Small Groups - (pdf)

Elective - Basics of Pastoral Care - forgiveness - (pdf)

Elective - Modelling for Jesus Christ our Lord - (pdf)

Elective - Preparing worship leaders - (pdf)

Confessing our Lord - Names of Jesus/In Christ Alone - (pdf)

Video Resources

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Session 1 - Pastor Edgar Mayer - One Church's different journey - (mp4 613 MB)

Session 2 - Pastor Edgar Mayer - Debriefing the journey - (mp4 520 MB)

Session 3 - Pastor Edgar Mayer - "Must haves" for the journey - (mp4 417 MB)

Focus Point - Pastor Fred Veerhuis - (mp4 191 MB)

Confession of Sins - Pastor Fred Veerhuis - (mp4 118 MB)

Installation of the new Warrambui director - Pastor Mark Lieschke - (mp4 53 MB)

The Sunday Worship message - Pastor Fred Veerhuis - (mp4 174 MB)