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The LCA NSW District Gathering

Statement of Purpose

We will gather together in humility and prayer before the Lord…

  • We desire to glorify our heavenly Father by giving all glory to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus the Christ, and to seek his Kingdom and his righteousness above all things.
  • We will search his Word for the wisdom and insight his church needs in these days. Our desire is to listen for the voice of the Spirit of Jesus Christ as he speaks today, and to obey his word.
  • Therefore we come together to seek the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the whole church, to seek the gifts of the Spirit which equip us for kingdom work in the name of our Lord Jesus, to live out the fruit he creates in each one of us, and to give testimony to the works he is doing, in and through the congregations of the NSW District.
  • We gather to recover / discover the ‘communion’ we share together, to bring the inspiration and hope of Jesus Christ to a scattered flock, and to bring Gospel freedom and healing to the wounded and broken-hearted.
  • We will use every opportunity to teach, encourage and train disciples to represent Jesus Christ in the world.